About Us

We're in business to serve you!

Hi, my name is Ryan Cornell, owner.  Twin Pike Company was born in 2015, just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. As the founder of Twin Pike Company, I wanted to create a small batch micro-roastery that supplies freshly roasted coffee at fair prices. I started my journey with a 1kg coffee roaster from Mill City Roasters and began my quest to learn the craft of coffee roasting. I would later form a partnership with my friend, Matt Macheca, who helped bring my vision of Twin Pike Company to life. 



Our mission is to provide our friends, neighbors and community with quality coffee, unique beverages, and other hand-crafted products like bean to bar chocolate. Every summer, from 2016 to 2022, we brought our passion to the Lake St. Louis Farmers Market, where we offered a unique selection of hand-crafted beverages within our local community. My wife, Stephanie, also helps out when she’s not too busy raising our seven children.


Over the years our business grew and the success allowed us to open our first location in Louisiana, MO in March 2022.  One year later, we are expanding into High Ridge, MO with a new drive thru opening in May. 


In addition to these locations, you can find our unique selection of beverages and our community spirit at our online store where every order is given the focused care and attention you deserve. Our beans are freshly prepared and shipped within one day of roasting. In addition to our coffee line, our storefront also offers a selection of the new Lotus Energy Drinks which use caffeine from green coffee beans.


Twin Pike Company has also joined forces with the wonderful Joseph and Sarah Hummel, whose bean-to-bar chocolates have added even more sweetness and creativity to our team.



You see, here at Twin Pike Company, we are as much about discovering unique quality beverages as we are about family. Our shared values of faith, family and tradition have created the foundation of our craft, where quality and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do. As our customer, you deserve the best and we believe you will see and taste this difference. Because when we thrive, our community does too.