Moccamaster Testimonials

“For me, every other coffee making device I own; and there are dozens, sits in the closet gathering dust. For Fundamental Coffee brewing, I use one of my three Technivorm brewers depending on how much coffee I need. The consistency, speed and appearance of my Moccamasters makes them my favorite brewers.”
- Scott M.
“This coffeemaker has been in my family for at least two decades. My mother bought it in 1990 or 1991. They are a family obsession. According to our friends, family, and, literally, anyone who has ever been to our homes, our Technivorms make the best, fastest cup of coffee in town. And in coffee-obsessed Portland, that's quite a compliment!”
- Kelly C.
“Just wanted to tell y'all how much I love our coffee brewer. We've had it for almost 15 years and it still brews like new! This is absolutely one of the best purchases we've made for such a vital commodity: COFFEE! Thank you for making such a fine product. I find myself looking at the new stuff y'all have only to say "why?" One day, we'll need a new one and it will be Technivorm"
- Bill J.
“Prior to 2008, I replaced my coffee maker once every four to six months because they would break due to constant use . . . I like coffee, lots of coffee. A local coffee roaster explained how Technivorm's machines were not only workhorses, they were some of the fewest machines to brew coffee at the correct temperature. Got a Moccamaster. It cost more than I usually paid but I was assured it would be worth it. Brewed coffee. I was shocked at how quickly the coffee brewed. I didn't think that something that quick would also be good. Oh, my goodness! It was the best coffee I had ever brewed! Quick, good, and now . . . ten years later, I have had to buy parts because I drop things but the machine is still going strong. I have probably saved over $1500 because I haven't had to replace it in ten years! Thank you, Technivorm. I love my Moccamaster.
- Facebook User
"I purchased the new model CDGT and I am blown away by the improvements. I really like this new unit! ...Well done Technivorm! You can bet that I will be telling my friends about this product. Thanks for upping your game even more when your game already was top notch! "
- Dave L.
“We take our coffee very seriously in Seattle and here at The Purple Store! Team Purple quality tested this wonderful grape coffee maker every day for 60 days. The Grape Moccamaster consistently brewed a perfect pot in 6 minutes every time! The vibrant purple is a great looking addition in any coffee lovers kitchen and is guaranteed to last!”
- The Purple Store, Seattle WA.
“The bright color would also help my coffee deprived brain find the machine so that I could make the first pot of the day!"
- Sean M.
I was introduced to coffee made by a Moccamaster when I lived in Germany and ever since it is certainly the best way to get a brewed cup of coffee"
- Linda S.
"Greatest coffee makers on earth. Better than what you get in any shop"
- Mitch S.