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Roasted Wholesale Coffee Beans: Twin Pikes Roastery

Twin Pikes Roastery is a family-owned business operating out of the small and historic rivertown of Louisiana, MO.  We currently offer 5lb wholesale bags of Arabica coffee beans as well as our Cafe St. Louis blend, which is well-loved at the local Artisans and Farmers Market in St. Louis.   

Our prices are competitive with the larger brands when you buy our coffee beans in bulk.

Twin Pikes Roastery is primarily in the coffee roasting business.  We do have our own coffee shop and we supply several others with our coffee beverages.  However, selling our roasted beans to the wholesale market is where we shine.

We understand the demands of the business.  You are most likely just starting a business of your own and shopping around for the best beans at the best price.

We can compete on both of those terms. 

Our quality is proven in our success at the Lake St. Louis Farmer's Market and in the reviews for our local shop.  You want that flavorful and full-bodied cup of coffee.  It all starts with the beans and how you roast them.

Our wholesale prices are competitive and generate 40-50% profit margins. This depends on how you plan to market and sell these coffee beans.  Buying our brand and selling our brand in your shop will generate higher margins than white label or private label options.

Give your business the boost it needs by skipping the middle man and buying directly from the roaster.

I think we can all agree that it is important to choose the best wholesale coffee beans that deliver on taste and cup qualities - especially when you commit to purchasing those coffee beans in bulk online.  One of the easiest ways to do this is to have the beans shipped directly to your business from the roastery itself. This takes the risk out of buying coffee online when it comes to making sure those beans are fresh. Our coffee beans are enjoyed by people all over the USA, and we hope to add you to our list of satisfied customers.


We Use the Best Arabica Coffee Beans

All of our wholesale coffee is 100% Arabica coffee beans.  Arabica beans are considered a Gourmet coffee bean vs. Robusta beans, which are generally considered to be less desirable due to their mild attributes.  Arabica coffee beans produce a full body and a satisfying, rich flavor.  Not to mention the aroma!

While Robusta has its good qualities that can be used as an advantage in an espresso blend, Gourmet coffee beans, or Arabica coffee beans, are where the bold, unique, and sometimes fruity flavors shine.

When you buy our coffee online, you are purchasing coffee beans that deliver the best taste, aroma, and full-bodied cup of coffee for your business or office.

Easily Order Coffee in Bulk Online

We like filling out forms about as much as you do.  As such, we offer a no-contract way to easily order our beans online without having to make any initial contact with us.  This gives you the opportunity to try us out before you commit to larger quantities, and also gives you a discount when you do.

Twin Pikes Roastery offers bulk wholesale coffee beans in 5lb bags that you can order instantly online.  

There is a 50% discount for every fourth bag you buy per order online.  

That's a $35 savings when you stock up on our 5lb bags.



Buying fresh coffee beans is a smart investment for any cafe or coffee shop because it will help develop loyal customers who look forward to that decent cup in the mornings.  It may be one of the things that sets you apart from your local competition.  

The coffee needs for restaurants are different from coffee shops.  While a coffee shop would benefit the most from beans they grind themselves, it would slow things down in a restaurant setting.  Coffee shops would benefit the most from whole beans they grind themselves to capitalize on the fresh qualities and extend the shelf life of their coffee supply.  TPR can pre-grind your coffee to any setup you have, and our beans have proven themselves in competitive artisan markets.



Need help getting started or upgrading your equipment?  As a company that built its foundation in local artisan marketplaces serving drip and nitro coffee, we can set you up with a proven 5-star method that can not only make excellent coffee in a timely manner, but can keep it hot without burning.  You can email us if you are interested, and we’ll show you the equipment we use as well as the best methods for quick-serve coffee.  I should mention that we are not selling this equipment ourselves, but we understand that your success is our success.  That’s a win-win for everyone.



So you want to sell coffee with your own label on it, but you have no experience or equipment to do so?  That’s where white labeling comes in.  We keep the green beans in stock, roast them as we usually do and package them per your request in any size bag - and you put your own label on it and sell it as your own. 

You buy our beans at a special discount price and sell them at retail value.  White label coffee has low risk, affordable overhead, great margins, and is often cheaper than private label.  This method of selling your own brand of coffee beans could be an excellent first step to kickstart your business. 



Private label coffee is for those who would like to have their own preferred beans roasted a certain way.  They also have their own bags and labels for their coffee.  This is the more expensive route for a client to take.  Due to the very specific nature of the transaction, it usually requires a contract to set up. 

You basically hire us to roast and package as directed which saves you the cost of equipment and the legal complexities that come with hiring your own staff.  This is a step up from white labeling, and is the perfect solution for those that know the qualities of coffee they want but don’t have the roasting experience or financial backbone to purchase costly roasting equipment.



Offices and schools could also benefit from our fresh roasted coffee in the morning.  Giving your colleagues the gift of an excellent cup of coffee is a great way to boost morale.  If you are a local business or school, we have even more options with our coffee and tea kegs for rent.  This is a perfect boost for any meeting or event.  Our prices are highly competitive, and it is one of the things our customers love about us.  



Twin Pikes Roastery is a wholesale coffee supplier and we serve businesses and people all over the USA.  However, if you are a Missouri business local to Louisiana, Bowling Green, Hannibal, Troy, or the St. Louis area, you may be interested in our Nitro or keg options.  This is the drink we are most known for, and it’s essentially cold brew coffee on tap.  Our Nitro and Cold Brew coffee have earned us 5-stars at the St. Louis Area Farmers and Artists Market.  Now your business can take part in this success too.