Boost Nutrient Intake with Hemp Flour

Many people are talking about hemp since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of the versatile plant. I’ve found several ways to use the popular herb. My latest discovery, hemp flour, is helping boost my energy through an increase in protein, and the rise in quality fiber in my diet is reducing cravings. Now, I’m going to share what I’ve learned about the benefits of changing my eating habits to include hemp.

Plants are an Excellent Protein Source

All parts of the hemp are beneficial. So, it comes as no surprise that the plant is an excellent source of protein. To stay healthy, I find it’s good to get my protein from many non-meat sources. For a balanced diet, it’s good to have both types. Animal-based proteins, such as beef, contain more amino acids than plant-based proteins. Your body needs 20 specific amino acids but only produces 13 by itself.

You get the rest of the amino acids from your diet. Now, I love a juicy, grilled steak like most people, but I’m not eating it daily, or I’ll have some health problems and financial problems! Enter hemp flour. The plant contains all 20 of those amino acids, making it a source of protein I couldn’t ignore. All-in-all, each serving of hemp flour contains 33g of protein or 66% of your daily value.

Full of Healthy Fatty Acids

I agree that healthy fatty acids sound like an oxymoron. But it turns out they really are right for you. Most people (or at least I did for a while) automatically think of fish oil when discussing omega 3 and omega 6 intake. Still, there are other sources of these essential fatty acids. I’m not a fan of fish oil’s aftertaste, so, this discovery has been eye-opening, and a savior for my taste buds.

Hemp Flour is Antioxidant-Rich

It turns out antioxidants are an excellent help for the aging population, which is everyone because we’re all getting older every day. They may help repair or delay-free radical cell damage. This is a complex way of saying damage from environmental factors, such as UV rays, air pollution, and cigarette smoke.

Now, I’m not a smoker, and I’m lucky enough not to experience much pollution, but it’s hard to avoid too much sun at times. I cover up when I can, but UV rays penetrate glass and are even present on a cloudy day. The extra help from the hemp flour was precisely what I needed to boost the antioxidants in my body. Examples include vitamin C, E, and beta carotene. Antioxidants can be man-made or come from natural sources. Again, enter hemp flour.

Easy to Mix with Most Foods and Drinks

The great thing about hemp flour is that it has a mild flavor, so you can add it to nearly anything. Start with mixing a serving or two into a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or with a glass of soy or almond milk. You don’t have to stay with the simple mixes. Feel free to spice it up and use the kitchen staple in a round of morning pancakes or blend it up with your favorite smoothie mix. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy something that’s also good for you. I’ve also used the flour for a round of protein inhanced muffins packed with potent blueberries.

And of course, as a bonus, my all natural hemp flour is gluten-free and GMO-free.

Have you tried adding any nutritious hemp products to your diet? How are you using it? Leave me a note, I may even try your recipes! I’m thinking about using it in place of wheat flour for baking a batch of oatmeal cookies, as a fun and healthy treat for my family. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

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