Costa Rica ~Tarrazu

Costa Rica ~Tarrazu

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This delicious coffee comes from the coop Tarrazu in Costa Rica.  Tarrazú might be the most famous of the regions: Its high altitudes contribute to its coffees’ crisp acidity.  Enjoy a nice bright yet smooth cup with this selection. 

Cupping Notes: "Lemon, toffee and peanut."
Roast: Medium (Full City)
Region: Tarrazu
Process: Fully Washed

Coope Tarrazu RL was founded in 1960 with a capital investment of $5.800 from 228 small coffee growers. Today, they run the biggest wet mill of Costa Rica, processing more than 110.000 bags of green coffee from 3.000 producers. About 85% of the producers affiliated to the coop harvest 4 hectares or less. Coffee was planted in Costa Rica in the late 1700s, and it was the first Central American country to have a fully established coffee industry; by the 1820s, coffee was a major agricultural export with great economic significance to the population. National output was greatly increased by the completion of a main road to Puntarenas in 1846, allowing farmers to more readily bring their coffee from their farms to market in oxcarts—which remained the way most small farmers transported their coffee until the 1920s. Altitude: 1200 - 1800 masl

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